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Best Cruise Ships 6 Incredible Tips on Enjoying a Cheap But Memorable Trip

If you’re dreaming about a memorable vacation, but you’re not sure if you can afford it, don’t you worry because we’ve got news for you! We have tips for you to enjoy a wonderful cruise trip without hurting your budget! You can now discover various countries and gain new experiences at affordable prices.

You can really afford hopping on the best cruise ships even if you still consider the price for food, accommodation and entertainment. Yes, your cruise vacation can get a bit costly, depending on how far you travel and how long your stay is. However, with these tips, you’ll surely save a lot on your next cruise getaway.

1. Last Minute Deals

Best Cruise Ships

If you leave near a cruise port or a travel agency, then you might be able to snag a last-minute deal. If not, then you can talk to an agent because they have the right information about these deals. Another option for you is to visit websites that offer last-minute deals.

The promos that these cruise ships are simply amazing! You can travel the world at discounts up to 50%. Why are they offering these deals? Instead of sailing half empty, they would rather offer discount fares.

2. Group Rate

best cruise ships for families

Plan a cruise vacation with your relatives or a few friends. You can work with a travel agent to let them negotiate directly with the cruise line to get the best group rate for your circle. If it’s your lucky day, you and your friends might even receive invitation to VIP events or extra treatment for spas.

3. Book Early

buy cruise holidays

If you already know when exactly you want to travel, it also pays to book early instead of waiting for the last-minute deals. Even though you might get a lower price by booking late, booking early can offer great perks like free airfare to the departure city, an upgraded cabin or extra credits for a massage.

4. Avoid Peak Times

best cruise ship in the world

High season or peak times, are during the summer and other times when the school year is out. This will also include spring break, Thanksgiving, Christmas holidays and more.

Since you’re looking for the best deal and you don’t have kids around, you can book during the school year, or before or right after Thanksgiving and Christmas. These are some instances when various cruise ships offer affordable itineraries.

5. Target Cheaper Itineraries

best cruise ships for couples
The shorter the trip, the less costly the cruise will be. If you’re looking for that ultra-cheap voyage, a three-day cruise would suffice. As long as you see that they are already offering a good itinerary within that three-day trip, then it’s all good.

6. Arrange Your Own Shore Excursions

best cruise ship in the world

Booking the cruise line’s own tours have its own perks, however, this tends to cost more. So, if you want to save, skip the shore tour desk and book your own shore excursions or tour guides. When you arrive at a port, do the sightseeing on your own. Just remember to take note when the ship leaves so that you won’t get left behind.

It’s no wonder that hopping on the best cruise ships for families and friends are a favorite. Why? Because these travelers will experience visiting various countries and discover new cultures in just one trip. But with these tips, you can definitely enjoy your holiday cruise without burning your wallet.

What to Bring in a Cruise Ship Trip | Best Cruise Ships

Planning what to bring in a trip is actually exciting especially when it’s the day before the scheduled trip. Most of the time, people become excited with vacations. That is why many of them do the necessary preparations days or weeks before the journey. Making preparations a day before the scheduled trip can be risky as you’ll start to panic and you’ll forget the basic necessities.

Your journey will not be complete without searching for your desired destinations and buying cheap cruise holidays. Thankfully since cruise lines offer cheap cost on their cruise vacations, many people especially couples celebrate honeymoon on a cruise ship.

Because you let excitement carry you, there are possibilities that you might forget some important things. In order to have a nice trip to other countries, you must assess everything that you will bring and everything you might need.  Anything – small or big – may bring importance to you especially when you need it the most.

Backup Plan

It’s always possible that you’ll forget your big bag full of things which are all essential for you. You cannot determine what will exactly happen during the day; the best thing to do is to prepare for whatever may happen.

Bring an extra bag that contains important things for your cheap cruise vacations such as toothbrush, soaps, small towel and anything for your personal hygiene. But most importantly, you must keep money on your extra bag.

Formal Dresses

Most people who are on a cruise ship vacation wears formal dresses to identify their status in life. Most passengers in a cruise ship are those individuals belonging in the upper and middle class. However, if you book a cheap cruise and think that you don’t have to wear formal dresses, think again. Almost all cruise ships have passengers dressed in formal.

Dress for the Place/Weather

If your itinerary is in Asia and you just want to feel what it’s like getting heated under the sun, then you do not have to bring clothes for winter. When you go to a specific country in summer, bring clothes that are appropriate for the season. Same goes on winter season; you do not have to bring loose clothes or something that is not related to winter.

Secure Important Documents

Keep in mind that IDs are of extreme importance especially when you are on a trip or going to far places. IDs, passports and other important documents that you might need during you vacation must never be forgotten.

Making your vacation fruitful can be achieved if you buy cruise holidays from a company with great promos. Aside from making sure that your trip is elegant, they also make all passengers feel comfortable. So, if you are asking on where and how to get cheap cruises, this one is for you.

If you really want to have a beautiful vacation, just bring enough – enough that your bag will not be full. Saving space in your bag is very important because in a trip, you can never hesitate to buy things, most especially souvenirs.

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Best Cruise Ships | Be A Smart Traveler Aboard A Cruise Ship Holiday in Five Easy Steps

Tourism is one of today’s top industries hence; it invites entrepreneurs and tourists alike. The promise of the excitement makes most people forget about the safety and security of travelling, especially in cruise ships.

With the rise of promotions like cheap cruise packages and cruise holiday deals, safety is sometimes taken for granted. Any unintentional accident can turn into a tragedy if basic safety measures are taken for granted.

Arm yourself and your family with these basic survival tips, so you can have a pleasant voyage.

Check for Cleanliness

Ships sail from every corner of the world. In short, a cosmopolitan vessel that allows people, from various nationalities, to board a single ship. There’s a probability that diseases are creeping inside the ship.

Luckily, most ships have a status report– the Vessel Sanitation Program. The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention makes a routine inspection of the ships’ overall cleanliness. Don’t spoil your cruise holidays. Before you book a cheap cruise, check the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website to confirm if the ship passed their inspection or not.

Don’t let your Guard Down

Remember the fencing move en garde? The Old French word means “on your guard”, and this is a warning, even when you start sailing the seven seas.

According to NBC News, the probability of incidents taking place while sailing to Paradise Island is higher than expected. If you feel you are in trouble, trust your gut. Inform the ship’s Purser’s Office right away.

Say “Ah” Carefully

Most travel-related shows and books challenge anyone to taste the most exotic foods. They say that knowing a foreign culture is best learned when eating their local food. Indeed, a worthwhile experience — but do so in a careful and cautious manner.

Another important thing — water. Be sure to ask for bottled and sealed water; some crew might refill it from the tap or somewhere else. So, better to be safe than sorry!

Inform your Family and or Friends

The U.S. Department of State encourages everyone to leave copies of their itinerary, passport data page and visas with family or friends. This is an important piece of information, in case of an emergency.

Additionally, government services, such as the State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrolment Program, are another useful tool in case of emergencies. It is a free online service that allows the U.S government to help someone travelling (or sailing on a cheap cruise trip) in a crisis-ridden country.

Check the Weather

According to Australian Government’s Safe Traveler, all oceanic regions of the world experience tsunami. Indian and Pacific Oceans are especially vulnerable to destructive waves. Tropical cyclones, typhoons and hurricanes can also be a potential risk. It compromises the ship’s safety and even your best cruise ships holiday.

Being calm in these situations is significant. Check the local weather before going to a cruise, but the best way to prevent this is to avoid perilous cruise around the world. If sailing to Antarctica scares you to death, don’t ever go. This idea seems out-of-this-world, but nature can sometimes be highly unpredictable – better be safe than sorry.

Buy Cruise Holidays: 4 Tips for Positive Cruising on Cheap Cruise Holidays of 2014


best cruise ship in the world

“The journey is what brings us happiness not the destination.”  – Dan Millman

Everybody wants to travel. It is such a luxury to be able to visit different places. The people and the culture – it’s a whole new world. With a whole new world comes a whole new avenue to express yourself. It may not be a permanent thing but that’s the beauty of it. Since it’s limited, you’d want to make the most out of it.

On the start of this new year, it’s best to keep your horizons open. Traveling on a cruise ship is traveling with intense taste of luxury. By plane, you get the necessity of arriving at your destination in the fastest way possible. By car you get the enjoyment of the journey. With Buy Cruise Holidays, you get to enjoy the luxury, the necessity and the journey! Sure, cruising may be expensive but there will always be those great sales to watch out for.

With that, here are 5 tips in helping you condition your mind for that getaway trip on your 2014:

1. Plan your destination.

There are so many places one would wish to go to with so little time. On that note you would have to choose on whether you wish to travel to a part of the world or cruise around the world. With the many offerings in cruising, one does not simply make a shot gun decision.

2. Asses your budget.

Not everybody gets to have the luxury of swiping their credit card when they wish to purchase something. It’s important to be sensible as well when you’re planning to have your dream getaway. As much as possible, go through as many reviews of your destinations as you can. Give yourself time to wait and book a cheap cruise if you find one Most cruise lines nowadays make the sudden sale for cruise, especially on holidays.

3. Remember Digital.

Technology is so far up these days that you can get an immediate advice on how to get a cheap cruise ticket. If you’re afraid of losing connection in the middle of the ocean, worry not. Be mindful that you will always stay connected. Most ships now have digital directional signs, language apps and culture guides with GPS mapping (and yes, you can also check in and update your Facebook status!)

4. Keep your eye on the prize.

Traveling is full of pitfalls. One wrong move and your vacation could be ruined. Thus, it is best to have your mind focused on what really matters most — your journey. Condition your mind that nothing is perfect but you can always find perfection in the way you take your situation. Things may go wrong but it’s important that you stay spontaneous all throughout the course of your trip.

Enjoying your travels is the main focus. As you book a cheap cruise, you are guaranteed to enjoy it with your stateroom as the base for your entire voyage; no lugging or packing and unpacking luggage. You are assured of fun activities and entertainment, included in the cruise fare, around the clock. Stay alert for major best cruise ships announcements. Who knows, you might get your dream journey in no time!

9 Best Things to do Aboard a Cruise Honeymoon

Cruise honeymoon is undeniably a terrific, hassle-free and most romantic option for newlyweds. Is there anything more romantic than waking up in the arms of your love each day in different places? Imagine embracing the fresh air that seems to be kissing your cheek or watching the finest white-sand beaches and most translucent blue waters. Hide away in a special place in your cozy cabin and just engulf the sweet nothings of the world.

Sappy hearts would really love this brand new experience of cheap cruise vacations. These nine ideas will make you buy cruise holidays for a romantic quest that’s sure to suit you and your better half.

Deluxe Dining
Dinner for two is a cliché, but dinner for two in a cruise is a new story. Romantic dining is served in cruise ships. You will be mingling with other couples who are also having the most of their time. You can also surprise your partner for a reservation for two in a gourmet specialty restaurant. And oh, don’t forget to splurge some on champagne! You will sure to have a romantic refreshment just the way you want it.

Couple’s Massage
If you want to have some relaxing and soothing experience, then you should try a massage therapy. Cheap cruise packages also features a great spa experience that you’ll sure to enjoy with your love. Each calming rub will sooth down, to your senses, allowing comforting vibes to penetrate. Moreover, knowing that your partner feels just exactly as good as you do is a bonus.

Doing nothing
Spending a little quality time doing nothing with your partner is a real bliss. Just talking, watching the sea, and feeling the air without anything in mind is surreal. In all the nothingness, it actually is building a special connection that only the both of you could ever understand.

Watch a movie
Just every couple loves to watch a movie. The idea might be a little passé, yet still so romantic. Some cruise ships offer a cinematic experience under the starry night. You can grab a blanket and share it with your partner and lay down on a comfy beach stool.

Jacuzzi Bath
Another suggestion is to have some splashy Jacuzzi cruise packages for two or a private steam and shower room. The warmth and the petite space of a Jacuzzi will most definitely boost your intimacy in that very special moment. Some ships do offer rooms for two that you can book just for you and your honey. Book now!

Voyage like Jack and Rose
Undeniably, one of the most romantic films ever made is ‘Titanic’. Thus, some important scenes in the movie has been embedded in every girl’s fantasy. Since, you’re in a cruise ship, why not make that dream come true? Just for fun, recreate the epic flying scene of Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet. But, be mindful of your steps!

Cuddle under the sun
Who among you have heard of the ‘laughter yoga’? It has lots of health benefits, right? Why not grab your sweetie into somewhere under the sun and have some cuddling moment? You’ll sure to love that and losing pounds at the same time.

Sunrise and Sunset
City life is indeed synonymous to ‘busy life’. Thus, only few manage to sit down and watch the scenic beauty of the sun at it rises and sets completing a 24 hour day cycle. Since, you’re on vacation, do the least things like watching the sun behind the mountains or over the horizon. Hand-in-hand you’ll appreciate the simple pleasures of nature.

Renew your vows
While others are stumbling with the idea of popping a proposal during a cruise, why not make it a place to renew your vows! You can include this romantic gesture into your existing package — a little set-up surprise to fall upon your every desire. Else, you can also take the chance on shore excursions in some stunning island.

Cruise ships are truly an exceptional place for love and romance. You can get anywhere around the world in just few days or so but, there is no greater place than into the arms of your special someone. Therefore, make the most out of your best cruise ships for couples experience!