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Tourism is one of today’s top industries hence; it invites entrepreneurs and tourists alike. The promise of the excitement makes most people forget about the safety and security of travelling, especially in cruise ships.

With the rise of promotions like cheap cruise packages and cruise holiday deals, safety is sometimes taken for granted. Any unintentional accident can turn into a tragedy if basic safety measures are taken for granted.

Arm yourself and your family with these basic survival tips, so you can have a pleasant voyage.

Check for Cleanliness

Ships sail from every corner of the world. In short, a cosmopolitan vessel that allows people, from various nationalities, to board a single ship. There’s a probability that diseases are creeping inside the ship.

Luckily, most ships have a status report– the Vessel Sanitation Program. The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention makes a routine inspection of the ships’ overall cleanliness. Don’t spoil your cruise holidays. Before you book a cheap cruise, check the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website to confirm if the ship passed their inspection or not.

Don’t let your Guard Down

Remember the fencing move en garde? The Old French word means “on your guard”, and this is a warning, even when you start sailing the seven seas.

According to NBC News, the probability of incidents taking place while sailing to Paradise Island is higher than expected. If you feel you are in trouble, trust your gut. Inform the ship’s Purser’s Office right away.

Say “Ah” Carefully

Most travel-related shows and books challenge anyone to taste the most exotic foods. They say that knowing a foreign culture is best learned when eating their local food. Indeed, a worthwhile experience — but do so in a careful and cautious manner.

Another important thing — water. Be sure to ask for bottled and sealed water; some crew might refill it from the tap or somewhere else. So, better to be safe than sorry!

Inform your Family and or Friends

The U.S. Department of State encourages everyone to leave copies of their itinerary, passport data page and visas with family or friends. This is an important piece of information, in case of an emergency.

Additionally, government services, such as the State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrolment Program, are another useful tool in case of emergencies. It is a free online service that allows the U.S government to help someone travelling (or sailing on a cheap cruise trip) in a crisis-ridden country.

Check the Weather

According to Australian Government’s Safe Traveler, all oceanic regions of the world experience tsunami. Indian and Pacific Oceans are especially vulnerable to destructive waves. Tropical cyclones, typhoons and hurricanes can also be a potential risk. It compromises the ship’s safety and even your best cruise ships holiday.

Being calm in these situations is significant. Check the local weather before going to a cruise, but the best way to prevent this is to avoid perilous cruise around the world. If sailing to Antarctica scares you to death, don’t ever go. This idea seems out-of-this-world, but nature can sometimes be highly unpredictable – better be safe than sorry.

Buy Cruise Holidays: 4 Tips for Positive Cruising on Cheap Cruise Holidays of 2014


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“The journey is what brings us happiness not the destination.”  – Dan Millman

Everybody wants to travel. It is such a luxury to be able to visit different places. The people and the culture – it’s a whole new world. With a whole new world comes a whole new avenue to express yourself. It may not be a permanent thing but that’s the beauty of it. Since it’s limited, you’d want to make the most out of it.

On the start of this new year, it’s best to keep your horizons open. Traveling on a cruise ship is traveling with intense taste of luxury. By plane, you get the necessity of arriving at your destination in the fastest way possible. By car you get the enjoyment of the journey. With Buy Cruise Holidays, you get to enjoy the luxury, the necessity and the journey! Sure, cruising may be expensive but there will always be those great sales to watch out for.

With that, here are 5 tips in helping you condition your mind for that getaway trip on your 2014:

1. Plan your destination.

There are so many places one would wish to go to with so little time. On that note you would have to choose on whether you wish to travel to a part of the world or cruise around the world. With the many offerings in cruising, one does not simply make a shot gun decision.

2. Asses your budget.

Not everybody gets to have the luxury of swiping their credit card when they wish to purchase something. It’s important to be sensible as well when you’re planning to have your dream getaway. As much as possible, go through as many reviews of your destinations as you can. Give yourself time to wait and book a cheap cruise if you find one Most cruise lines nowadays make the sudden sale for cruise, especially on holidays.

3. Remember Digital.

Technology is so far up these days that you can get an immediate advice on how to get a cheap cruise ticket. If you’re afraid of losing connection in the middle of the ocean, worry not. Be mindful that you will always stay connected. Most ships now have digital directional signs, language apps and culture guides with GPS mapping (and yes, you can also check in and update your Facebook status!)

4. Keep your eye on the prize.

Traveling is full of pitfalls. One wrong move and your vacation could be ruined. Thus, it is best to have your mind focused on what really matters most — your journey. Condition your mind that nothing is perfect but you can always find perfection in the way you take your situation. Things may go wrong but it’s important that you stay spontaneous all throughout the course of your trip.

Enjoying your travels is the main focus. As you book a cheap cruise, you are guaranteed to enjoy it with your stateroom as the base for your entire voyage; no lugging or packing and unpacking luggage. You are assured of fun activities and entertainment, included in the cruise fare, around the clock. Stay alert for major best cruise ships announcements. Who knows, you might get your dream journey in no time!